WUC11803 Networking|Cybercrime

WUC11803 Networking|Cybercrime
Question 1
You are required to prepare a plan of action to combat recent phishing to online banking due to the rise in cybercrime. In your plan of action, you should incorporating the following points:
(a) Elaborate what phishing is.

(b) Discuss on how can phishing affect the online banking. Provide some real examples.

(c) Explain on how can the online banking customers avoid being affected by phishing with aid of examples.

Question 2
1. Internet of Things (IoT) brings some new challenges and issues to social and environmental.
Elaborate any of any SIX (6) main challenges and issues with aid of examples.

2. Discuss any THREE (3) types of social media that exist today and how each can benefit the businesses. Provide some examples in your discussion 2 question to answer, they didnt number of words. if u want to write extra shouldnt be a problem

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