US History up to 1877 Answers for 13 Questions

US History up to 1877 Answers for 13 Questions

US History up to 1877 Answers for 13 Questions

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You must answer all 13 questions. Seven are worth ten points each, six are worth five points each.

Answers should be in complete sentences. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar are expected to be college-level.

Use Times font, 12-point, 1-inch margins, DOUBLE SPACED. You will submit your completed exam as a Word document to Canvas by 10:30pm on December 6th. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Answers incorporating information from outside sources will not be accepted.

Ten-Point Questions.

Abraham Lincoln – who was Free Soiler – was elected President in 1860. He openly stated that he had no intention of disrupting the institution of slavery in the South. Knowing this, why did the South secede after his election?

What was the Peggy Eaton affair? Why did so many people object to attending social events with her? Why did Andrew Jackson defend her? (Answer can be from lecture or the video.)

In complete sentences, give at least three examples of jobs/duties that Frederick Douglass did during his time as a slave. Include details of where and why he did these jobs and how he felt about them.

Why did President Polk want to buy California from Mexico? Why was he unable to do so?

What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Why was it so controversial? How did it lead to the creation of the Republican Party?

What did John Brown hope to accomplish in his raid? Why was it that he and many of his men were captured? What did he do before he was hanged which made such an important impact on sectional relations in the nation?

What was the primary difference between Free Soilers and Abolitionists? Why did slavery concern each of the two?

Five-Point Questions. Can be answered in one or two sentences.

Thousands of Cherokee people died during the removal process, how did this happen?

According to the Texas Legislature in the “Declaration of Causes: February 2, 1861, A declaration of the causes which impel the State of Texas to secede from the Federal Union” why did they argue that it was necessary for Texas to secede from the Union?

What did Patrick Cleburne tell Jefferson Davis had to do to win the war? How did Davis respond? Why?

What did Dr. Mauck say was the reason the North was fighting the war as Lincoln explained in the Gettysburg Address? DO NOT simply quote the address, answer must be from Dr. Mauck’s lecture.

Dr. Mauck said that women in the early 1800s had only one significant power within their communities. What was it?

Why did so many women die as young adults? What was it that was so life-threatening and why?

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