The Use Of Music In Advertising

The Use Of Music In Advertising

This brief assignment is intended to provide you with an opportunity either to (a) find a way in which marketing principles can be applied within the context of another discipline or (b) how concepts which you have studied in another course are relevant to marketing. Please note that, in your paper, you must make express reference to a course you have taken

You may choose from the following subjects:


To what extent and how does music played in retail stores affect the behavior of consumers?

Under what circumstances is the use of music in advertising more likely to be effective?

Macro Economics:

What types of products are most vulnerable to consumer cutbacks in bad economic times? Are there products whose sales actually increase? Note that counter-intuitive examples are more interesting.


How can companies that manufacture fragile or dangerous products increase the likelihood of consumers reading and complying with instructions and warning labels?

Is it useful to mention something positive (but not very important) about competitors’ products in your advertisements? Research on two the persuasiveness sided arguments has something to say about that.

How many shades of red lipstick do you need to have a complete line? Do estimates by males and females significantly differ?

What, if anything, can airlines do to attract customers who are scared of flying?

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