The Main Objectives Of A Telescope

The Main Objectives Of A Telescope

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Attach this to your answers, which are all to be done on a separate sheet of paper.

1. What can interfere with observing the objects in space from the surface of Earth?

2. What is a better solution to observing objects in space?

3. What can we do to examine a close neighbor in space?

4. How do we observe distance objects?

5. Wat is the main objective of a telescope?

6. What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

7. What is wavelength? What is frequency?

8. What part of the EM Spectrum can humans see?

9. How can life exist on Earth’s surface?

10. What are the tradeoffs of telescopes?

11. What is the Doppler effect?

12. What is the Doppler effect for light?

13. What is blue shift and red shift?

14. What is spectral analysis?

15. What are some ways that scientists determine motion in space?

16. What is parallax?

17. What is nuclear fusion in a star?

18. What is a magnetic field?

19. What is solar variation?

20. What is solar wind and how does it affect us?

21. What is the apparent magnitude of a star?

22. What is the absolute magnitude of a star?

23. What is the color of a star a good indicator of?

24. What is the difference between a red star and a blue star?

25. How can scientists estimate the size of a star?

26. Describe very large stars.

27. What is interstellar medium referring to?

28. How are nebulas formed?

29. What is a protostar?

30. How does a protostar become a star?

31. What happens with stars with higher masses?

32. What happens when a star uses up its helium?

33. How do massive stars become red supergiants?

34. What is a neutron star?

35. How man Earths could fit in the space between Earth and the moon?

36. How fast does it take light reflected from the moon to reach the Earth?

37. What is contained in the solar system?

38. How many times bigger is the star Betelgeuse than our sun?

39. How does Jupiter’s radius compare to the largest planet found outside our solar system?

40. How many times smaller is our sun’s radius to the radius of the largest star in our galaxy?

41. What is a light year?

42. How long does it take light to reach the earth from the sun? To the Kuiper Belt?

43. How many galaxies are in and how big is the diameter of the local group of galaxies?

44. How many stars does our universe contain?

45. What are the 3 main types of galaxies?

46. What happens as an object rotates on its axis?

47. How many exoplanets have been discovered as of 2016?

48. What are the methods we use to “see” planets?

49. What is the Big Bang Theory?

50. Describe the Big Bang timeline.

51. What was Hubble’s discovery that gave evidence to the fact that the universe was expanding?

52. What is Hubble’s Law?

53. What is the Raisin Bread model of the expansion of the universe?

54. What was densely packed in the early universe?

55. What happened as the universe expanded?

56. Describe how photons are moving around the universe.

57. Explain Cosmic Microwave Background.

58. How much hydrogen and helium by mass is there in the universe?

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