The Benefits Of Population-based Nurses

The Benefits Of Population-based Nurses

In this experiential learning assignment, assume that you are a public health nurse who will be presenting at a town hall meeting.

Step 1: Research the job duties of population-based (public health and community health) nurses

Step 2: Explore health-related programs delivered by your local public health department.

Research your LOCAL public/community health department’s website to identify two health-related programs currently available within your community. Learn which populations benefit from these programs.

Step 3: Develop your presentation.

Develop a 10-12 slide presentation to be presented at a town hall meeting in your role as the public health nurse working in the local public health department. This meeting is an informal public meeting. Your presentation should include the following information:

A title slide with your name, credentials, and the title of the presentation

A minimum of 9 slides covering the following topics:

The benefits of population-based nurses and nursing programs in regards to improving the health of communities

Describe the local (public health/community health) department or agency overseeing population health in your area.

How many employees, service area, mission statement etc.

Provide two examples of population-focused, health-related programs currently offered by the department or an other community health group

Identify the population served and the health problem(s) that is/are the aim of the program

Explain the impact of these programs on the health problem. You may include health outcomes statistics, risk data, satisfaction surveys or any other available information that pertains to efficacy and impact

A summary slide

A reference slide citing any sources used in APA format. At least one scholarly source is required for the assignment

Step 4: Add presenter’s notes.

Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide. These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide if you were to actually present in person.

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