Task Work Solutions of Performance Management Systems: MNGT1001

Task Work Solutions of Performance Management Systems: MNGT1001


The major aim of this essay is to demonstrate a comprehension of the performance management systems of Housefriends Homewares based on the organizational and legislative guidelines. This essay will therefore deal with the planning, monitoring, as well as evaluation or reviewing the operations of the Housefriends Homewares in relation to the performance management of its team. This will be done through undertaking various activities of the organization’s employees. Such management activities will include among others the development of wok allocations, the identification of Key performance Indicators (KPIs), participation in role plays, indulging in performance review, as well as proposing of a development plan that will be used for remedying the poor performance of employees under supervision (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Feedback will then be provided to the assessment partner regarding my performance during the process of role play.  

Assessment Task 1

Some of the Strengths During the Exercise

Based on the exercise, it was quite apparent that the employees had both their positive aspects and negative aspects. Through the exercise, the employee was encouraged to uphold the positive aspects that had been noted and discouraged from the negative aspects. It was worth noting that the employee promised to improve to the better thus this will play a significant role in the general success of the organization and the company as well (Serrat, 2017). The importance of upholding ethical standards was also greatly encouraged and the employee promised to improve on the same.

Areas that Had Room for Improvement

There is need for the two employees in the organization Marie and Tony to further training in company management and more so ensure that they know the importance of professional ethics. This is quite true since on the look of things, it is quite apparent that the employees could not be fully well aware of what it means to uphold professional and ethical ethics. Training them on what is not supposed to be done based on their job positions will be quite beneficial to the company. It is indeed quite important to ensure that in order to bring change in the company, there is great need of ensuring that the two personnel are well trained so that they can not only maintain the cohesiveness of the team but also ensure that their drive is maintained (McIntosh et al, 2017). The need to help these two employees enhance their skills should indeed be continuous and this implies that coaching and mentoring should always be provided to them on a regular basis. This is especially true especially when there is need to improve their levels of knowledge, skills, and attitude to give them give them an opportunity to undertake greater responsibilities in the company.

The Kind of Strategies that can help me Improve my Coaching Skills

As a coach, I should actually consider using the newest technological innovations that will help the company have a competitive advantage over their competitors. I will also ensure that the medium of communication that I use to talk with my employees is also highly comprehended and give them room to ask questions whenever they doubt. I will also create a free and fair environment that will enable me freely interact with the stakeholders in the organization for the general good and success of the company (Kerzner, 2017). This is quite important because it will ensure that any problems facing the organization are easily identified and resolved within the shortest time frames.

The Cost of not implementing the new strategies in my role as a Manager

As a manager, I highly belief that failure to implement the new strategies will imply that our company will not have a competitive advantage and thus it will not only lead to low sales but also low profitability for the company. That apart, failure to meet the new strategies of ensuring that the top personnel of the company are well trained will quite apparently imply that there will be low staff morale in the company thus leading to low sales, unmotivated staff thus making the company to collapse at last (Hodges, 2017). That apart, failure to motivate the employees using the best strategies will imply that such employees ultimately ought to seek for greener pastors in other companies or organizations that offer them better pay and other motivation methods.

Valuable Skills That I have learnt to help me in my role as Manager/Coach

Based on the case study, there are various skills that I have learnt and chief among them include the fact that as a manger, there is need for me to have the ability of multi-tasking in the company.  I learnt that there is need for me as a manager to not only oversee my employees but also ensure that their abilities as well as weaknesses are kept in mind while prioritizing the numerous projects that the company wishes to initiate. I also learnt about the decision making skills which are quite valuable in my role as a manager. I learnt the ability of both evaluating and deciding on various issues which could affect the organization in one way or the other. I thus learnt that as a manager, there is need for me to make the right decisions for the organization in a rapid way without necessarily making any mistakes. This will imply that I should have the capability of making the right decisions and using the available opportunities that may arise.

Leadership skills are quite essential in my role as a manager or a coach since they will help me to get the most out of the companies’ employees the leadership traits or skills will indeed help me to inspire employees under me so that they can give their best. I also learnt that motivation skills went hand in hand with the leadership skills in that in order for me to become an effective manager or coach, then it was important for me to be in a better position of motivating my employees so that they are capable of meeting the performance expectations of the goals which have been set. Effective communication was also a valuable skill because it enabled me to coach and mentor Tony to desist from the unprofessional behaviours that he was depicting while he was in the company.

Comments/Feedback to the Coach

There is need for the coach to create a conducive environment that will enable the concerned parties to open up without the fear of victimization. The ability of the employees to open up during the coaching process is quite important because it will help the coach to note the weaknesses that employees have and effectively work on them and it will also enable the organization’s management to put in place mechanisms that will aid it minimize the weaknesses that employees may be having (Serrat, 2017). The coach should always ensure the employees that any sensitive information that they share with him will never be used to retaliate or victimize them since they were in a safe pair of hands.


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Serrat, O. (2017). The perils of performance measurement. In Knowledge Solutions (pp. 429-436). Springer, Singapore.

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