Realistic Fiction Children Book | Homeworkcrew

Realistic Fiction Children Book | Homeworkcrew

View the lecture on Realistic Fiction (Links to an external site.) (PDF of the slides) and choose a children’s book in the realistic fiction genre.

Complete the prompts for the Book Reflection in a word processing document and submit as a Word document or PDF. Make sure that the book chosen tells a story.

APA Works Cited information for the book (1 point)

Identify the sub-genre of realistic fiction this book represents and why you feel the book fulfills the qualities of that sub-genre. (If the book does not fit one of the sub-genres, explain why you think this book does not fit into one of the sub-genres identified in the PowerPoint.) (2 points)

What area of focus does this book have (see slide 10 of the presentation)? (1 point)

Discuss how the plot, conflict, setting, and characters in your selected book reflect real events, problems, places, and people. (3 points)

What is the theme of the book? (1 point)

Provide a brief review of the book.

What do you think of the book?

Would you recommend it? Explain your answer. (2 points) For more information on Realistic Fiction, Children Book read this


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