PUB262 Environmental Health Risk Management- national and global levels

PUB262 Environmental Health Risk Management- national and global levels


Task Description:
This task requires you to prepare a report on the epidemiology and risk management environment for a specific chemical hazard.(asbestos)

Your report will address two key areas:

1) Epidemiological data regarding the incidence and prevalance of health outcomes associated with this hazard for two defined Australian communities chosen by you major city (*ASGC-RA category RA1) and remote or very remote Indigenous community (*ASGC-RA category RA4 or 5)

2) Identification and analysis of stakeholders involved in managing the risks associated with your hazard at local, state, national and global levels and their roles/actions

The epidemiological component of your report should present health outcome data for each community providing your analysis of why variances or similarities that exist between the two at cultural, spatial and temporal levels. Your analysis may include, but not be limited to, descriptions of: patterns of incidence and prevalence over time for each community and spread of the health outcome across age groups, genders, ethnic or other relevant groups such as occupation. 
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