Practice Readiness and a Call to Action

Practice Readiness and a Call to Action

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9118review the Nurses on Boards and the National Nurse Campaign. As you reflect on what you have learned :1. What are your plans for the future?2. Will you heed the call for action and join an organization like Nurses on Boards or become engaged with the National Nurse Campaign?3. Will you join a professional nursing organization?4. Do you have other ideas that would work to benefit your community or an organization that is important to you?5. Share with the class what your plans are now that you have a new awareness of your abilities and capabilities to provide advocacy beyond the bedside.6. Compose your final Tweet about this class. Remember to be concise as Twitter only allows 140 characters.Please Answer the questions in order. thanksscholarly journal article for reference 5 years or lessThe post Practice Readiness and a Call to Action appeared first on homeworkcrew Essay writing service.


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