NURS3003 Dynamics of Practice

NURS3003 Dynamics of Practice

Provide a 1,500 word essay that includes:


  • an introduction in which you introduce your case study patient and provide context for what is to follow in the essay.



Identify two important care needs for your client.

For example, two aspects of care that the person may need assistance with.


Using your two identified care needs above, discuss with rationales the benefits of your client remaining at home versus the benefits of them transitioning to an aged care facility.


  • Include in your response one barrier to care in each of the settings (home and residential aged care). This may include issues such as social capital, ageism, cultural and social processes if applicable.


Your tutor will explain this further in class, please bring along any questions you have.


  • Provide a conclusion that sums up the main points in your essay.


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