NUR3605 Nursing Leadership Governance and Culture

NUR3605  Nursing Leadership Governance and Culture
Assessment 2 – Report Instructions 1. Critique the assigned sentinel event case. Sentinel event for NUR3605 assignment.pdf 2. Use risk management principles (e.g., Root cause analysis, 5 whys) to discuss the sentinel event and identify the causes of the event. 3. Using a quality improvement methodology and clinical risk management framework (e.g., PDSA, Six Sigma etc), provide two recommendations on how the catastrophic outcome may have been circumvented. 4. Consider you are writing this report to your manager, safety committee, director etc. to support a change in practice as part of a Root cause analysis of a sentinel event. a. Determine if the practice identified in the case study is current and follows best practice guidelines (both NSQHS, RN Standards for Practice and any Facility Clinical Practice Guidelines e.g., RPH, SCGH, WACHS). b. Ensure you include evidence to support your recommendations of any change or clinical improvement processes 5. A minimum of 15 quality references is required. READ REPORT WRITING PDF FOR REPORT STRUCTURES. i have uploaded the lecture notes( pdf heading culture, leardership, governance).
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