NUR331 Contexts of Practice- support the management

NUR331 Contexts of Practice- support the management


Step 1: Identify and name the case scenario (Title) that you are completing. The case is assigned to your course group (A or B), these are listed in the BB.
Step 2: Conduct a comprehensive secondary assessment of this patient, using the body systems framework. Not all information for the case will be provided. You need to research what assessments might be important for the case scenario and include the expected results (blood test, imaging etc.). You need to present the findings, investigation results and your assessment of this data under the appropriate headings. You may add relevant data as needed. This section may not need extensive referencing.
Step 3: Answer the question related to the pathophysiology for your case. This section must be referenced appropriately. 
Step 4: Identify the critical priorities of treatment for the first 2 hours of care.

Identify the critical priorities for this patient within the first 2 hours in the Emergency Department in a logical and justified manner (provide evidence to support this treatment).

Identify the RN responsibilities for care in relation to the chosen priorities and how these will support the management of this case. This would include the role of the RN here, evaluations by the RN and all actions to manage this patient for each priority. 
Pathophysiology Question –
The arterial blood gas taken from Jane showed both a low O2 level (PaO2 = 70 mmHg) and a low CO2 level (PaCO2 = 18mmHg). Explain the pathophysiology leading to these abnormal findings.

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