NUR135 Primary Health Care-additional parenting support

NUR135 Primary Health Care-additional parenting support


You are working in your local Primary Health Care Clinic as a student nurse/midwife. Management have completed a clinical audit and have noticed an increase in the number of the following presentations: Skin cancer biopsy, mental health plans, respiratory presentations for heavy smokers and young mothers requiring additional parenting support. In the future you are required to present a national health promotion campaign to your colleagues. To do this you must first do some research. 
Task instructions

1. Choose one of the following areas    
a. Mental health 
b. Skin Cancer
c. Smoking
d.Young pregnant/new mothers

2. Identify the relevant Australian public health promotion that attempts to address it (e.g. Beyond Blue addresses mental health for men).
3. Choose three Action Areas from the Ottawa Charter below and discuss how the Australian public health promotion addresses each one.

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