MKT2805 Social Media and Marketing-Behavioural and Geographic characteristics

MKT2805 Social Media and Marketing-Behavioural and Geographic characteristics


Target Audience

1. Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioural and Geographic characteristics: What are the identifying characteristics of your target audience? Consider age group, gender, where they live, singles/families/couples etc. What motivates them? What are their interests? What will appeal to them? How do they use social media? Support with well-researched information.

2. Persona Development: Based on the information you had outlined in section 5.1, use the persona overview template provided in class, and develop one (1) persona for the ‘typical’ target audience for this campaign. This section should be one (1) page in length, well researched and supported with references.

Campaign Purpose and Objectives

Campaign Purpose: What is the primary purpose/ aim/ outcome sought by this campaign?

Objectives: What are the objectives of the campaign? These must be in the S-M-A-R-T format.

Key Message: What is the key message that this campaign will communicate to the target audience? How will you position the brand ‘top of mind’ for your audience? Briefly outline the message and describe in detail the reasoning behind it.

Social Media Marketing

1. Identify the key social media marketing platforms which you propose to use for this campaign (Hint: these need to align with your target audience and your objectives).

2. Develop a schedule showing social media channels and dates. 

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