MKT00150 Global Marketing: Australian Marketing Strategy

MKT00150 Global Marketing: Australian Marketing Strategy


Define the theory around the marketing mix and then make recommendations across all the 7p’s (if relevant).  However, everyone should be at least discussing 6 p’s and even you can discuss the 7th p in relation to the store or online environment as to where the customer will purchase.  

Consider the following in terms of each “P”.  Remember you must be reading the theory relating to the 7 p’s.  You must be adding in the theory and applying it to organisation and its product/service offering.  You must also be referencing from the core textbook. 

Describe the marketing mix strategy that will enable the organisation to achieve its objectives in the new market.  This assessment requires you to develop the remaining sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan for your selected organisation in the new Asian country or Australian target market.

Consider potential market segments in the chosen country and consider how they might be serviced by your organisation. You must show your understanding of the concepts involved and your ability to think through and express marketing strategy options. In justifying your choice for the segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP) strategies, you must: 

  • Explain the strategic approach you used to segment the market and justify why you have selected particular target market segment(s) in the chosen market. These may be within the B2B sector, B2C or a combination; and  
  • Identify your recommended positioning strategies for each target market.
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