LML6002 Australian Migration Law

LML6002 Australian Migration Law
Cindy Nguyen, 25 years, is a citizen of Vietnam and arrived in Australia on a Visitor visa under the Family Sponsored stream Class FA sub class 600. She was sponsored by her uncle who is a citizen of Australia. Cindy’s visa is valid for three months. Two months after she arrived in Australia, Cindy received news that all flights to Vietnam were cancelled because of the current spread of COVID in Vietnam. Cindy is very worried about her family in Vietnam and about her visa situation in Australia.
You are a registered migration agent and her uncle contacts you and requests an urgent appointment. At the appointment Cindy asks for your advice in writing about the following issues:
1. As Cindy is unable to locate her visa grant notice, she wants to know what conditions, if any, are attached to her visa and what do they mean. Cindy does not want you to apply for a VEVO check.
2. Is Cindy able to apply for a further Visitor visa in light of her circumstances? What must be done in order for her to make a valid application for a further Visitor visa?
3. You are also required to prepare a submission to the Minister for Immigration addressing the relevant regulatory requirements, in the event there are restrictions on her ability to make a valid application for a further Visitor visa.
4. What are the Department of Home Affairs’ fees for a further Visitor visa?
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