INFO24178 IT Write Up

INFO24178 IT Write Up
Project 5-4: Exploring ARP Poisoning Attackers frequently modify the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table to redirect communications away from a valid device to an attacker’s computer. In this project, you view the ARP table on your computer and make modifications to it. You will need to have another “victim’s” computer running on your network (and know the IP address), as well as a default gateway that serves as the switch to the network Open a Command Prompt window by right-clicking Start and select Command Prompt (Admin). To view your current ARP table, type arp -a and then press Enter. The Internet Address is the IP address of another device on the network while the physical address is the MAC address of that device. 3. To determine network addresses, type ipconfig/aII and then press Enter. 4. Record the IP address of the default gateway. 
5. Delete the ARP table entry of the default gateway by typing arp -d followed by the IP address of the gateway, such as arp -d and then press Enter. 6. Create an automatic entry in the ARP table of the victim’s computer by typing ping followed by that computer’s IP address, such as ping, and then press Enter. 
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