INF80042 Governing Technology for Business Environments

INF80042 Governing Technology for Business Environments
Task details: This whole assessment is built around cyber risk.
Your group’s task is to write a report (and present) on the topic of cyber risk faced by SMEs. The importance of understanding and managing cyber risk is unprecedented. The advancement in technology and Covid19 has expedited the uptake of digital processes and hence amplified the need to understand this issue further.
However, many SMEs are shy of embracing the latest technology and are behind in understanding the various implications of cyber risk. This could be attributed to the lack of skill, resources and ignorance of the current climate digital processes and tools. Recent studies show that SMEs need to ‘manage’ cyber risk as part of their daily business operations.
This task requires case studies, literature review and research. As such, you must form groups earlier to commence work by week 3.
To complete this task your group should:
1. Choose an Industry that you are going to focus upon.
2. Review the industry practice when it comes to digital business processes (all areas of business) using the Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010) framework.
3. Identify areas where current digital business processes may have vulnerabilities. Support yourself with good case studies and lit reviews.
4. Select a particular digital business process of interest.
5. Examine the cyber risk that can eventuate from the digital business process.
6. Devise an avenue for improvement and offer a strategy/mitigation approaches moving forward with strong justification
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