HOS602 Food and Beverage Service Management- Allow customer stowait 

HOS602 Food and Beverage Service Management- Allow customer stowait 


▪How food and beverages get to the customer. 
▪The bridge of how the food gets from production (kitchen) to the customer. 
▪Step by step methodology.

The Customer Process

▪Managing the experience the customer undertakes to order, be served, consume and be cleared. 
▪Identifies that customer are not passive recipients of services. 
▪F&B production systems. 

Customer Participation
The presence of customers in the service process changes design of food & beverage facilities
▪Manufacturing vs. Restaurant dining room
▪Perceptions of the quality
▪Improving transparency
▪Changing views on how much participation can be expected
▪Customer becomes a co-producer 
Service Styles

▪Considering the service style can influence the level of customer participation expected 
▪Sub categories for each service method
▪Why is this important?  

▪If something is tangible it means that you can touch it
▪If something is intangible, this means it is difficult to touch 
In the context of hospitality

“Services are ideas and concepts: products are things”

Services cannot be stored.
We can deal with perishability through dealing with the demand: 

1. Smoothdemand

Reservations, price incentives, demarketing peak times.

2. Adjust service capacity

Use of casual staff for peak periods, increase customer self-service, style of service offered. 

3. Allow customer stowait 

There are risks associated with this, but it also recognises the customer as the co-producer 

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