Home Work Solutions of Persons Mental Health: CHC43215

Home Work Solutions of Persons Mental Health: CHC43215

How do alcohol and other drugs affect a person’s mental health?

Good mental health is a sign of a positive life which an individual lives. Excessive use of alcohol and some drugs can lead to short and long-term changes in the brain.  This causes serious mental issues like depression, anxiety, aggression and many other problems. There are many people who are addicted so much that other mental disorders could also diagnosed like Paranoia and hallucinations. Alcohol and drugs like cannabis and heroin give direct impact on the mood of the individual. The changes in the behavior of the individual are due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs that changes the mindset of the person (Martin and Pear, 2015). Alcohol and drugs interfere with the chemicals present in the brain. This affects the information that chemical present in the brain is trying to send.

The short-term effects of drugs on the mental health are many like drug induces anxiety disorder of an individual. In this, the person can have severe attacks as it increases the heart rate and also causes a fear of losing control. The person feels like the surroundings are strange and unreal. The second short-term effect is drug induces psychosis.  In this, the individual hears and see things that are not present.  The third short-term effect is it induces the mood disorder. There are many situations in which the individual feel depressed and lose the pleasure.  This is known as mood disorder caused by alcohol and drugs. Especially like heroin, cocaine and many others (Collins et al., 2017).  

Many drugs cause health problems that remain for a long time.  It can only be reduced if one person stops using the drugs. Long term drug can affect neurotransmitter of the brain in the individual. The effect is seen on the mental health of the individual. The person starts losing motivation and also does less work in college or office.  The person creates a negative outlook on life and has sudden changes in the mood. For instance: the research showed that cannabis can increase the overall chances of getting schizophrenia (Volkow et al., 2016).

If the person consumes less amount of alcohol then it can make feel more confident and sociable.  The more person drinks the more likely he or she will feel unwell and confused.  If the person drinks alcohol on regular basis then it can create serious physical and mental harm. It also reduces the quality of the life if an individual consumes more.

It is also seen that mental health of the individual is affected by dual diagnosis problem. It is the term that is considered for the people who have a problem with drugs or alcohol.  It is seen that addiction and mood disorder are connected. Many studies proved that there are many people who suffer from a mood disorder and this is due to drugs and alcohol (Connor et al., 2016).

Figure 1:  (Humanresource, 2017).

Dual Diagnosis Problem

According to SAMHSA, as much as 55 percent of people with a dual diagnosis don’t get any treatment, compared to 7% that get treated for both.

So, the individual should not consume any drugs as it gives negative effect on the mental health. Alcohol should also be consumed in less quantity so that the negative impact cannot be seen on the mental health of the individual.


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