GSBS6008 Global Business Management

GSBS6008 Global Business Management


Late Submissions:

  • A late submission will receive a grade of Zero (0) unless arrangements have been made with the Instructor prior to the deadline.

Essay Requirements:

The Essay is the bringing together the research done, the arguments developed, and conclusions drawn in support of the Research Statement, originally developed (or changed as project progressed). It is a business communication tool designed to sell your ideas and recommendations to your superiors.

Based on your approved proposal, write and submit an essay which has the following elements:

1)   Arguments which support and defend the Research Statement. These arguments need to:

  1. Be well organized and flow from a logical start to a strong conclusion. They also need to demonstrate the significance and important in a global business perspective.
  2. Clearly supports, defends or justifies the research statement as present.
  3. Be objective – demonstrating that you have thought about this issue from several points of view.
  4. Be analytical and show your abilities to develop clearly superior ideas and an originality of thinking.
  5. Include solid evidence which demonstrates a breadth, depth and synergy of research and thinking about this topic.

2)   Have good quality writing

  1. Grammar, punctuation, spelling is virtually flawless.
  2. Language and word choice are appropriate throughout.

3)   Use the APA Standard formatting

  1. Be well formatted and pleasant to read
  2. Essay follows scholarly conventions including proper citation methods and is virtually flawlessly.

4)   Be original

  1. Your paper can use quotes from your research but cannot comprise more than 30% of your paper.
  • Make sure you take advantage of the “Originality Check” available during weeks 10 and 11

5)   No less than 1000 words and no more than 1400 words.

  1. The count excludes title page, reference, and appendices.

6)   Include a cover page which has:

  1. Name and Student Number,
  2. Course Number and Name,
  3. “Semester – 2020 Winter”,
  4. Instructor’s Name
  5. Date Submitted

7)   Create a story with a thread.

  1. Starting from the research statement, create a thread of logic building from your research, developing through the analysis until culminating in the conclusions. AND at all time supporting the research.
  2. A good story needs an introduction, body and conclusion
    • Introduction – introduce and provide background on the topic and state your research statement
    • Body – shows the analysis, builds arguments that supports the research statement.
    • Conclusion – Brings together all of the analysis and arguments into a strong conclusion that leads to recommendations for global businesses and supports the research.
  3. Shows how conclusions supported by evidence, analysis and arguments presented in paper.
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