Foundations of Nursing Knowledge Summative Assessment

Foundations of Nursing Knowledge Summative Assessment

Foundations of Nursing Knowledge Summative Assessment

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Summative assessment 1: (80%)

2000 words ±10% (if your work falls below or above the word count your grade will be reduced by 10%)

Using the case scenario provided for your field of practice, and regarding learning outcomes 1, 2 & 5, discuss with rationale a comprehensive assessment of two problems. One of the two issues identified should be physical, and one non-physical from the patient in the scenario. You should demonstrate awareness of mental, physical, cognitive, behavioural, social and spiritual needs using an identified nursing model/assessment framework relevant for your field of practice outlined in the scenario.

Guidelines for the essay

The essay will need to:

 Have a clear Introduction – the purpose of the introduction is to present the content of your essay. You may use the simple ‘What, Where, and How’ approach in writing your introduction. This must include the purpose of the essay and identify the two activities that you have chosen to discuss, the key issues that you will be discussing throughout the essay and how you will conclude. You should then follow through your essay logically. It is sometimes best to leave the writing of the content for the introduction for the end having structured the main body of the essay

 Define using supporting evidence from the literature what nursing assessment is and the significance of patient assessment as part of the nursing process; the processes involved, e.g. data collection- what type of data is collected such as objective data, subjective data, sociological and why.

 Discuss using supporting evidence from the literature the purpose of the model/framework identified in the scenario and how it will structure the assessment. This discussion will also need to include the benefits of the model/framework. Also, you may have identified as part of the assessment of the two problems that you will use other assessment tools. Example include assessment tool such as a nutritional assessment tool, pain assessment tool, depression and anxiety assessment tool or a falls risk assessment tool ( these are just some examples). The assessment tool needs to be discussed, explaining their purpose in the assessment.

 Discuss individually the assessment of your two chosen problems and which activities of living to assess the issues. You may find that your chosen problem may link to more than one activity, and you may need to justify the reason for this. This aspect of the discussion in the essay will need to incorporate a rationale for your choice of activity concerning the context of the scenario. You should discuss with appropriate rationale the objective and subjective data that you collect. Discuss how you will collect the data; explore how wider factors such as psychological, cultural, spiritual, sociological aspects may influence the assessment that you will undertake for each chosen problem. All aspects of the discussion must be evidenced-based using supporting nursing literature

 Conclude. The conclusion needs to show that you leave the reader satisfied that you addressed the question set for the scenario and that you have followed through what you set out to do in your introduction. It should summarise the content of your

discussion. You need to relate this to learning outcomes 1, 2 & 5 as a final indication to the reader that the purpose of the essay has been achieved.

 The content must be supported by relevant and up to date literature throughout. Use the Harvard referencing system on Cite Them Right Online ( ) in the essay and to present your reference list at the end of the essay

 The essay needs to be written in size 11-12 Arial font and double spaced.

 You will also need to include as an appendix the formative assessment and feedback

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