FBL6530 Business Events : Planning and Hosting

FBL6530 Business Events : Planning and Hosting
Based on knowledge obtained across the semester, students are required to pick a real business event that excites you and critically reflect on the assumptions they may have made about planning and hosting a business event. The students are required to provide an overview of the event and then evaluate its success as well as providing recommendations for improvement of the event.
The following structure and format is recommended for the presentation video:
1. A title slide that includes Unit number and Unit name, your name, your ID number, lecturer name, 
submission date, and relevant title for the presentation
2. A selection of slides that highlight the key points:
a. Overview of the event, including what was the purpose and/or objectives of the event
b. From what perspective is the event being evaluated and what data would be collected and what method could be used to collect data and evaluate the event based on this perspective
c. An evaluation of the success of the event, i.e. what worked and what didn’t
d. What recommendations could be provided to event organisers in order to improve the eventt
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