Engineering Ethics San Francisco Bay Bridge

Engineering Ethics San Francisco Bay Bridge

Engineering Ethics San Francisco Bay Bridge

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For your second assignment, you are to write a 2-3 page paper discussion of the ethics of a

recent engineering project. You have a choice of projects to choose from:

The San Francisco Bay Bridge underwent major seismic retrofits and reconstruction

recently. One of the costliest infrastructure projects in the country, the replacement of

the eastern span of the bridge has not been without controversy. I have collected a

number of articles from various news sources (with the Sacramento Bee’s Charles Piller

featuring heavily) that detail some of the issues that have been raised.


In March of 2018, a pedestrian bridge being constructed at Florida International

University collapsed, resulting in the deaths of 6 people and the injury of 10 others.

Cracks on the bridge were visible and worsening in the week after it was initially moved

in place, and yet, the street underneath the bridge was not closed. I have collected a

few articles and reports describing the cause.

Folders on BeachBoard contain several articles/reports on each of the events. Given the

number and scope of the articles presented, you certainly do not need to include all of them.

Rather focus on one or two issues, describe them, and, referencing the ASCE canon of ethics,

discuss the ethics of the situation.

You are certainly allowed to do your own research on the topic. While I have tried to gather

many sources of information/interesting articles, I am certain that I have missed some. If you

do come across a good source that I’m missing, forward me the link/pdf so I can include it in

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