EMSK5012 Employability Skills: Job Advertisement and Vacancy

EMSK5012 Employability Skills: Job Advertisement and Vacancy



Choose a local or international organisation with which you are familiar. All of your answers must be based on this organisation. You must be able to easily obtain the required background information to enable you to respond to the Tasks.

Select a job vacancy and base your answers on this role, assuming you are interested in working for this organisation.


You must provide a copy of the job advertisement for the role which you are basing your assignment upon. This must be included at the start of your assignment.


  •  Name of the organisation
  •  The location of the advertisement
  •  The closing date for applications

Task 1

Explain how your skills and attitudes to work will increase your chances of employment when compared to other applicants with similar qualifications.

Task 2

For the role you have selected in your chosen organisation:

  1. a) Write a profile of yourself that would be used on a professional social media network.
  1. b)Write your CV for the role.
  1. c)Write an accompanying cover letter to apply for the role.

Task 3

Assume you have an interview for the role with the HR manager and the team leader. Discuss how you would maximise your potential at this interview 

Task 4

Assume you are now starting work in the role. Explain how you would integrate into the new role and become an effective contributor within the team in which you are working

Task 5

Discuss how you might utilise feedback to improve your performance in the role in the first six months.

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