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E-Commerce Internet of Things | Homeworkcrew

E-Commerce Internet of Things

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IoT (Internet of Things)

-. Security management

-. Home automation

-. Regulations

-. Global Aspects

E-Commerce report is for business students to study the new business environment, technology, and the social, ethical and legal context of e-commerce. Ecommerce with the digital revolution has created new digital markets where prices are more transparent, markets are global, and trading is highly efficient.

Also, e-commerce has a direct impact on the relationships with suppliers, customers, competitors, and partners as well as product marketing, advertising, and using brands.

Research e-commerce and its business environment.

The final report should be organized in 6 sections including section headers as following:

1. A short introduction telling the reader what your paper is about.

2. Explain what the topic is about with a brief history.

3. Explain what the current status of the topic is.

4. Explain the impacts on the industry, economy, culture, society, and human life. -. Are any technological, legal, social, and ethical issues? -. Does it create any new problems?

5. Conclude with your own assessment, suggestion, expectation for the future. References and citations in APA format

Be sure to reference direct quotes. Also reference any sections where you paraphrase someone else’s words.

• You must reference at least three (3) articles and/or books and two websites. Abstracts and vendor ads are not acceptable. Articles more than five (5) years old are not acceptable

• Citations must be formatted properly both in-text and in the works cited section.

You need to write your paper in the manner of business professional including a cover page with the paper title, your name, class, and the instructor name and a bibliography with the citations both in the text and the works cited section. Please number your pages.

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