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DNS Testing Procedures | Homeworkcrew


ACME Widgets has about 900 users and about 1000 computers in all 4 divisions, including U.S. and offshore facilities. Please review the Project 5 background information for more details about current Active Directory Logical Design.

You are hired as a consultant to ACME Widgets. ACME’s IT management wants to configure a separate server located in the ACME-Defense domain to host the primary forward lookup zone for ACME-Defense domain. The same server will also host a secondary forward lookup DNS zone for ACME-Navigation. Address the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with the ACME’s management plan to have a dedicated DNS server to host the primary forward lookup zone for ACME-Defense domain?
  2. What other primary forward lookup zone DNS hosting options for the ACME-Defense domain would you consider?
  3. For example, as an alternative, you can host the primary forward lookup ACME-Defense zone on the existing ACME-Navigation DNS server.
  4. What are the advantages or disadvantages of hosting the primary zone on either server? Explain and justify your answers.
  5. Is it necessary to host a reverse lookup zone for the ACME-Defense domain? If so, which DNS server would you select to host it? Explain and justify your answers.

Make sure to support your statements and conclusions with valid research. External references are required (personal experience is not a replacement for external references). Post the URLs to the sources used in your research.

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