Develop an Original Major Event

Develop an Original Major Event


Event Policy And Management

This assignment has 2 parts.

Part A: – Event Proposal

Develop an original major event proposal to fit within the strategic requirements of the local council and the variety of stakeholders involved.

You need to clearly identify the stakeholders for this purpose.

Step one – Design your original event concept

Your event concept must:

  • Be designed with the local community in mind – Research and provide information about the local community to justify your event
  • Needs to be either be “supported” or “approved” by local authorities
  • Has event objectives other than financial gain
  • Has a physical location

Step two: Identify stakeholders

 In your event brief, you must:

  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Describe the target demographic for the event and how they will be reached
  • Explain why the target demographic would enjoy/participate in the event.

Step three: Event execution

  • What location/s will be used?
  • What facilities are required, versus those available?
  • A brief overview of the planning timeline using a Gantt chart or table format
  • An overview of how the event marketing plan and communication to the host community using a Gantt chart or table format

 Step four: Event feasibility Provide:

  • A brief explanation of how the event will be funded (Sponsorship? Ticket sales? Grants? Corporately owned?)
  • Perform a high-level SWOT Analysisand briefly explain how you will mitigate any weaknesses or threats

Part B:

 In Part A you designed a major event, in Part B you are tasked with writing a persuasive and compelling argument to the local council as to why they should approve or support your event and detailing what that support would look like.

You need to succinctly address in your report the following:

  • Where there is alignment between your event and the local council’s strategic objectives
  • The positive impacts your event will have on the local community and how this will be measured
  • Use an Ishikawa Diagramto identify any negatives and include how you will mitigate any potential negative impacts of the event
  • What type of event support you are seeking and why

Your response should be detailed and provide specific examples of how your event is aligned with the local council / governing body’s strategic objectives for their community. Where you give examples of positive impacts draw upon related events to show the extent of these, likewise provide supporting evidence that risks can be mitigated.

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