comp3265:Cisco Networking-Network Protocolsand Network Architecture and Design

comp3265:Cisco Networking-Network Protocolsand Network Architecture and Design


Write a report describing your choices regarding
An addressing scheme for the network at layers 2 and 3.
Where network boundaries should be drawn within your chosen organisation.
Which layer-2 technologies should be applied to each network segment.
What criteria should be applied to traffic flow over network boundaries, both internally (between network segments), and externally (between broadcast domains):
which traffic should be forwarded,
which should be filtered,
which should be flooded,
which traffic should have translation applied, and
which traffic should be marked for QoS
implementation should include the following
Implementation of your chosen addressing schemes at layers 2 and 3,
Deployment of your chosen layer-2 technology choices

Configuration of intermediate devices that correctly implement:

your chose addressing scheme,
configuration of routing including dynamic routing protocols (if any),
configuration of any translation that is required,
marking of traffic for QoS.

Ensure that you read and adhere to the following instructions:

The filenames should be in the following format:

Your report and your completed PT file must be submitted into separate submission boxes.
All report submissions must be in PDF format
Do not include a cover sheet of any kind.
Do not include the text of any of the questions in your submission.
Do not use double-spacing.
Use a sensible, clean font, 10-12 pt in size.
Hand-written or scanned submissions will not be accepted.
Ensure that your report includes a table of contents.

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