COMP3250 Computer Networks- problem and find its best solution

COMP3250 Computer Networks- problem and find its best solution


Assignment Type: Problem Solving (Individual Assignment)

The purpose of the problem-solving assignment is to help the students to get accustomed to dealing with real world problem situations/issues. It is designed to help students analyse a particular problem and find its best solution.


1. Distance Vector protocol’s convergence around routing failures tends to be slow. During the course of time, several modifications were made
to the protocol to address this issue. Identify and briefly explain 3 such modifications which aim to improve the convergence property of this class of protocols.

2.  The flooding mechanism in OSPF is considered to be reliable enough to withstand errors such as link and router failures. Give and explain two reasons why it is so. 

3. Does the aging mechanism used in the OSPF protocol require the use of clocks that are synchronized? Explain why or why not with suitable

4. Summarize the following range of IP addresses given below. (Starting with X.Y.96.0 and ending with X.Y.159.0). Explain clearly how you arrive at the solution showing all relevant steps. 

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