CMGT 6600 Research Methods For Construction-organizational situation

CMGT 6600 Research Methods For Construction-organizational situation


While I have suggested a 2500 word limit for the exam, there are no penalties for going over or under the limit. 
1. What is validity?  Why is it important?  What are the different methods used for assessing validity?  Explain.  
2. What is meta-analysis? Why is it useful to practitioners? How is it useful to researchers?
3. Why is HR research important? Explain your top three reasons. 
4. Describe an organizational situation where a quasi-experiment might be of use. Be specific. 

Please reference the answers. You do not need to go beyond the below course materials.

Topic Area

Reading Assignment

Introduction to research methods in HR


·         Watch “Introduction to Research Methods” Lecture Video

·         Saks Chapters 1-2

·         Article: Rynes, S., & Bartunek, J. (2017). Evidence-Based Management: Foundations, Development, Controversies and Future. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, (4) 235-281. link


·         John Ioannidis.


Critical appraisal of evidence: reliability and validity



·         Watch “Validity, Reliability and Meta-analysis” Lecture Video

·         Article – Action Research: Rethinking Lewin. (Dickens & Watkins, 1999).

·         Pedhazur & Schmelkin: Chapter 4-5 (exclude pages 66-73)

·         Saks Chapter 6 & Chapter 8

Survey design

·         Watch “Survey Research” Lecture Video

·         Pedhazur & Schmelkin: Chapters 6-7, Ch.14 (to pg.311), Ch.15

·         Saks Chapter 3

·         Have “Survey In-class Exercise” printed or ready

Experimental and Quasi-experimental designs

HR Analytics

·         Watch “Experimental and Quasi Experimental Research” Lecture Video

·         Saks Chapter 4

·         Pedhazur & Schmelkin: Chapters 12-13.

·         Marler & Boudreau

·         Lowe’s Case Study

·         Big Data Opportunity

·         Have “Experiment In-class Exercise” printed or ready


Data Analysis

·         Watch “The Importance of Criteria” Lecture Video

·         Pedhazur & Schmelkin: Chapter 3

·         Saks Chapter 9 & 11.

·         Have “Cases” printed or ready



·         Watch “Qualitative Research” Lecture Video

·         What Grounded Theory Is Not

·         Human Capital

·         Strategic HRM System


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