BUSN20025 Strategic Marketing- Ethical and societal influences

BUSN20025 Strategic Marketing- Ethical and societal influences


You are expected to reflect and respond to seminal questions on business related to strategic marketing. An important aspect of this process of reflection involves bringing your ideas together and applying them to a relevant scenario. This will demonstrate your capacity to assimilate knowledge in these disciplines and fields of scholarship. A capacity to develop an argument is necessary to clearly present your ideas to an audience unfamiliar with your concerns. Support for your ideas will involve mustering evidence to demonstrate how the practice is informed by theory and critical analysis.
Your task is to undertake market research to identify a suitable marketing strategy for a product or service within your chosen organisation (see below). Your marketing strategy will be in the form of a business report are which addresses the following:
1. Key marketing concepts, theories, and statistical techniques that contribute to your marketing strategy.
2. Consider the organisation’s corporate strategy and explains how this connects to the  strategic marketing strategy and plan.
3. Using tools (such as SWOT and PESTLE analysis) discover how the marketing strategies are devised, executed and evaluated.

4. Develop an initial enterprise marketing plan that includes the product, price, place and promotional objectives.
5. Identify the relevant market segments, targeting, brand prioritising and positioning.
6. Locate market segmentation and product positioning to develop potential distribution channels and communications campaigns.
7. Consider the legal, ethical and societal influences that impact on the marketing strategy.

8. Explain how organisational resources are used to accomplish business objectives, pursue targeted activities, and achieve competitive advantage.
9. Critique the relevant articles in the Strategic Marketing unit and modules platform. Refer to the market research behind the proposed marketing strategy.

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