BUSN20023 Leadership and Culture- Challenges facing lululemon

BUSN20023 Leadership and Culture- Challenges facing lululemon


You will use the knowledge provided so far in this unit to examine and analyse the reading on the following page (Leadership, culture and transition at lululemon). You will use this knowledge and your analysis to write a report of no that respond to three questions.

In completing this case study, you are expected to draw upon broader knowledge gained in your studies to this point. Including to other readings to support and contextualise your opinion is required.


lululemon is a popular yoga and activewear apparel company. A significant challenge facing lululemon is that of managing growth. Owing to the rapid growth of the company, it is noted in the case that “the company’s leadership team was demoralized and fragmented”.

You will use the case material to gain a better understanding of the management and leadership challenges facing lululemon and write a report no responds to the following questions.

1. What are the social and cultural factors impacting leaders within Lululemon?

2. What are three recommendations that should be adopted by the leadership at Lululemon in managing people, raising morale, and ensuring improved motivation among staff?

3. Using examples from the case what are the challenges confronting leaders/managers in today’s contemporary society?

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