BUS108 Information Systems in Organisations

BUS108 Information Systems in Organisations


Task scenario

You work for EcoFashion, a small retailer specialising in selling fashionable clothes for all ages, made from organic cotton. The business is growing and expanding. Besides you and the founder Linda Powel, the business currently employs four sales assistants. To support the business growth, Linda is considering the implementation of three new information systems. While Linda is familiar with theinformation systems currently used in the business, she does yet not possess much knowledge of the systems she would like to implement. To start the process, Linda has asked you to complete the following three tasks, referred to as Parts in the subsequent sections.

Tips for completing this assignment

  • Use the concepts covered in the course
  • The workshop activities are particularly important for this task
  • Justify your choices and make your preferences clear
  • Carefully read the rubric
  • This is not an academic assignment. Therefore, you do not need to provide any references for theories or concepts. However, you should consider that Linda may want to look up further details
  • Ensure you attach all three parts to your SafeAssign submission at once
  • This is a 1000-word assignment. Tables and figures are excluded from the word count. While this assignment should not exceed 1100 words, there is no minimum limit
  • Refer back to the Task Scenario while writing each part
  • Your approach to Part 1 and Part 3 should be similar to the approach discussed in the workshop in Module 11

Part 1 Research for purchasing a new computer

A new employee is due to start work in three weeks. The new employee will primarily oversee the business’ accounting tasks. You have been asked to do some research for purchasing a new computer (desktop or laptop) for this staff member. You know that:

  • The new employee will mostly use Excel (large spreadsheets), Word, email and the internet.
  • The new staff member will mostly work at the office, however, sometimes meetings are held at a nearby café.
  • The business already has a subscription for Office 365, including OneDrive, which is used for file storage and file sharing.
  • The other two business computers are running Windows 10.

Your task: Research an appropriate computer/laptop for this staff member. Provide Linda with the most suitable options. If you need any further details, ask Linda (for the purpose of this assignment, make up those details and mention them accordingly). You need to consider the most relevant computer parts for this computer as discussed in the course. You should also include a justification briefly stating why you recommend one computer over another.

Part 2 Design an Entity Relationship Diagram

Currently, all sales and expenditures are recorded in Excel spreadsheets. However, since EcoFashion is growing rapidly and to support further expansion, a database will be needed. Therefore, your second task is to design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) that outlines the relationships between the files to prepare for the design of a database. You also need to write one sentence for each relationship. You are only expected to design one ERD, not multiple options.

You have already familiarised yourself with EcoFashion’s files and their use:

  • Suppliers

o This file lists all suppliers from which EcoFashion orders

  • Supplier Invoices

o This file lists all invoices that EcoFashion has received from the suppliers

o Each invoice needs to be listed as one entry in Accounts Payable (not the individual items on the invoice)

  • Supplier Orders

o This file lists all order that EcoFashion has placed with any of the suppliers

  • Products

o This file lists all the products EcoFashion sells

  • Customer Orders

o This file lists all orders that have been placed by EcoFashion’s customers

  • Customers

o This file lists the contact details of all of EcoFashion’s customers

  • Customer Invoices

o This file lists all invoices that have been generated from customer orders

o Each invoice needs to be listed as one entry in Accounts Receivable (not the individual items on the invoice)

  • Accounts receivable

o Lists all invoices that EcoFashion’s customers have not yet paid

  • Accounts payable

o Lists all invoices that EcoFashion has not yet paid

Tip: convert the document with the ERD into pdf to ensure Blackboard does not screw up the formatting.

Part 3 Research for opening an online store

As part of EcoFashion’s growth strategy, Linda is considering opening an online store in addition to the current brick and mortar store. Therefore, she has asked you to undertake some initial research of the key systems required for setting up an online store for EcoFashion. You need to make a recommendation for a storefront broker, suitable domains, and appropriate payment systems. You are not expected to present a detailed analysis of each system. However, you will have to do some reading on the providers’ websites to identify any key differences, so that you can make informed recommendations. Ensure you also include a justification/rationale for your recommendations. Since Linda really cares about her business’ stakeholders, she also wants you to consider every stakeholder and flag any potential concerns if she decides to go ahead with setting up an online store. Also, provide a recommendation for how these concerns might be diminished.

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