BSS0133:strategy and change management-Business Simulation evaluation and reflec

BSS0133:strategy and change management-Business Simulation evaluation and reflec


Business Simulation evaluation and reflective report guidelines:
The Unit Coordinator tutor to help you gain access to an online SIM venture game. You may work alone or with others in playing the game but remember the report must.
The report should be focused on your self-awareness and understanding of the strategic decisions you undertook on behalf of the company and analyse how those decisions affected the outcome of the game.
In writing reflective learning and your acquired knowledge on strategy and change management theory in order to dissect the simulation experience and account for your success (or not) within the simulation exercise.
The word count of the logs will not be included in your word count and is only for reference. Good reports will be written clearly and concisely with good structure with links to page numbers in the appendices. The appendices will include referenced relevant theory.
Appendices should include:
• Initial strategic plan
• Performance print out per quarter
• Reflective log
• Reference list
• What performance criteria informed you of the success of your strategy and how successful were you. Consider proposals as to how the strategy might have been stronger in light of the retrospective analysis.
• Demonstrate your knowledge of reflective learning theory and demonstrate its application by assessing and justifying your own contribution to the success or not of the team taking account of your behaviour and activity and justify your insights from the evidence.
•  what you learnt from the simulated experience and how the theory has informed your practice.

Threshold Expectations from UIF

• Evidence application of at least two strategy models in a business context.
• Provide theoretical underpinning for strategic decision-making process using relevant literature.
• Demonstrate critical reasoning using Harvard Referencing style.
• Write a reflective report evidencing your preparedness to state a position on an issue but limited use of supporting evidence and limited reflection on own behaviour in relation to outcomes.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions? 
The  aim  of  the  unit  is  to  develop  independent  strategic  assessment  skills  using  appropriate  techniques  and  resources  and 
demonstrate an understanding of and an ability to appraise strategy.
It will consider how concepts of strategy and change management overlap and the importance of these processes to a contemporary business manager working anywhere in the world.

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