BN206 System Administration Assignment-techniques for system management

BN206 System Administration Assignment-techniques for system management


Learning Outcomes
This assignment is designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills related to the following learning outcomes:
a. Understand various server management systems;

b. Manage emerging tools and techniques for system management;

c. Apply human usability in systems and documentation within the context of constantly changing modern industry requirements;

d. Plan and implement various application servers for an organisation

Assignment Description

Form a group of Three students and inform your lab tutor of the names and student IDs of your group members. Assume that your group is hired by a client company to develop a networked system for their required services as described in the scenario.

Your task in this assignment is to analyse client requirements, design solutions, implement, configure, and troubleshoot implemented solutions, and finally to prepare a system documentation report meeting the client requirements and following a standard industry template. Detailed requirements are provided below:

1. Based on the scenario given below, (i) analyse client requirements, (ii) identify and propose the required servers and server roles (services), and (iii) provide required configurations for the scenario.

2. Perform the configurations using either virtually or physically installed server OS to realise the scenario. Students can use Windows Server 2012 or a higher version, or Linux server if appropriate. Your submission should include screenshots of each important step.

3. Prepare a detailed system documentation report. This report will serve as an important part of backup and disaster recovery documentation. As such, you must consider human usability factors and include the configurations using description of each important step, and screenshots corresponding to those in a way that will be useful to the target users of the document. Essential sections of the documentation are provided in the marking guide, however, you can include additional sections if deemed useful. You should explain how documentation of network changes should be handled and how documentation can aid the troubleshooting process by keeping a record of common issues. 

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