Best Female Podcasts

Best Female Podcasts

It is easy to find free time throughout your day. When taking a walk, driving to work, or taking lunch, you could make the time matter more by listening to a podcast. Easily accessible, convenient, and available in any format, podcasts are growing in popularity as entertainment, news, and education outlets. A podcast for women hosted by women is the most relatable for the modern working woman. If you are looking for a conversation around relationships, leadership, politics, faith, modernity, or sex, here is a list of highly-rated podcasts

The Broad Experience

‘Broad,’ in this case, refers to the slang for a woman in the old days. Hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte, this podcast talks about working and how this responsibility fits modern women’s lives. Conversations cover the glass ceiling, career challenges, childlessness, and life balance. Savvy, influential guests add substance to this conservative podcast, and at 25 minutes, it is just long enough.

Michelle Obama Podcast

The former first lady is still a force to be reckoned with, and her podcast gives insight into how she forged her formidable character. You might ask, ‘being conservative, is this a podcast I need to hear.’ You certainly do, as the podcast has less to do with left-wing dialogue. It centers on marriage, family, and friendships. Michelle also discusses her years in the White House and her mantle’s challenges and successes.

Life, I swear

Chloe Dulce Louvouezo hosts this shows as a continuation of her book. She continues to tell stories through the eyes of a black woman by discussing the trials they face and how they overcome them. It is an inclusive podcast that is investigative and honest. It is a liberating space to be in and to learn of black culture, sexuality, and feminism.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Conservative and consistent, Anney and Samantha of How Stuff Works discuss the daily life of women. The discussions dive into topical gender issues using empirical references. The podcast does not shy away from traditionally tricky topics like abortion.

The Twelfth House

Hosted by Michelle Pellizon and based on holisticism, the Twelfth House podcast dives into spirituality, wellness, and business, weaving them mystical. This American conservative podcast is not afraid of creeping into the patriarchy while offering tools to support your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Unf*ck your brain

This trending American conservative podcast by Kara Loewentheil is perfect for any woman struggling with fear of failure, self-criticism, and lack of self-confidence. If your accomplishments have not validated your self-worth or abilities, this podcast is for you. Its feministic approach is relatable, and the delivery method of the host is simple yet effective.

The Dana Show

This recent podcast is centered on daily issues and is uniquely consistent. Dana Loesch’s clever approach to the incidences of each day is fun and gives you something to anticipate.

The Untold Story

Martha MacCallum from Fox news invites newsmakers each week to share their tales of hope and perseverance and the tools they use to overcome their obstacles.

When it comes to podcasts and the cold hard truth, the Steel Truth tops the list. Tune in to our podcast today.

Best Female Podcasts

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