Assignment Solutions of Employees Productive Performance: BMA547

Assignment Solutions of Employees Productive Performance: BMA547

To Encourage Employees for Productive Performance

Organizational Behavior focuses on enhancing the productive performance level of the employees.   By taking into consideration recent scenario, it is seen that to conduct the activities smoothly it is important to consider organizational theories. The theories of organization consider the human resources and give direct impact on the goals of the company.  Productive performance should be taken into consideration so that the goals and objectives can be attained. Organizational behavior theories have a connection with people and groups who are conducting their day to day operations (Healy, 2016).

There are many concepts concerned with the organizational behavior. It is seen that to attain overall goals and objectives the company has to give emphasis on job performance and to promote innovation. The managers of the organization should give emphasis on increasing the satisfaction level to adopt effective techniques so that the activities can be conducted smoothly.  It is evaluated that organizational theories helps to analyze the behavior of the employees who are working in the organization.  If the activities of the organization are conducted according to the theories then it will help the employees to complete the work in an effective manner.  Productivity level is only increased if proper benefits are offered to the employees or the workers conducting their routine activities in the organization (Grubb, 2015).

Proper knowledge of the activities should be there to the employees so that they can efficiently work to achieve their desired target.  Profits can only be attained if the workers of the organization are efficient to conduct the activities. This paper will take into consideration theories like X and Y theory, Herzberg’s theory, Goal setting theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is analyzed that the level of competition is increasing day by day, so it is important for the employees to be dedicated towards the work. There should be proper management of work so that conflicts between the employees can be reduced (Hwang and Lee, 2016).  

Employee relation plays a great role to encourage the employees to work efficiently.  If there is proper relation between the employees then the activities can be conducted smoothly. To enhance the motivation level of the employees the managers has to consider personality factors like psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics. The focus is given by the managers to manage the activities of the employees.  It is analyzed that psychology factor takes into consideration the behavior of the individual on the basis of the incentives.  Sociology evaluates the link between the workers. Social psychology considers the situations like stress and conflicts. Stress and conflicts should be properly managed so that overall objective can be accomplished. Anthropology has a link with the consumers, traditions and social norms of the organization. Political Science also evaluates the power that gives emphasis on incentives so that the productive performance of the employees can be increased (Korschun et al., 2014).

Job designing also helps to increase the productivity of the employees. At the time of hiring the employees, it is important to evaluate the capability so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. Job designing gives emphasis on minimizing the conflicts of the employees and also helps to attain overall objectives. One of the theories is a cognitive theory in which there are two motivation systems. One is intrinsic and other is extrinsic that gives proper correspondence with the two kinds of the motivator.  Intrinsic motivators are related to achievement, responsibility, and competence (Braver et al., 2014).  It is related to the motivator that comes from the performance of the employees and with the interest of work. Extrinsic is related to pay, feedback and working conditions. It comes from a person-environment and it is controlled by others. Intrinsically individuals who are motivated conduct the activities according to their own satisfaction level and achievement. It is evaluated that if they analyze that they are conducting some activities then it is just because of the pay or the working environment (Stoyanov, 2017).

It is evaluated that if there are powerful extrinsic motivators then it can reduce the motivation level of the intrinsic motivator. For example: if the boss who is always turned towards the rewards will give focus to intrinsically motivated individuals.  It is seen that on the Maslow hierarchy intrinsic motivators tend to be on the high level (Shields e al., 2015).

Job satisfaction also enhances the performance of the employees. It is seen that if the individual who is satisfied with the job conducts the activities with efficiency and dedication and helps to accomplish overall goals and objectives of the organization. Satisfaction comes when the employees are satisfied with the activities assigned to them. In this Maslow hierarchy will be taken into consideration (Truss et al., 2013).

In this, it is seen that self-actualization on the job takes into consideration training, advancement, growth and creativity. Esteem needs consider recognition, high status, and responsibilities. Belongingness needs consider team, clients, and superiors who give assistance at the time of conducting the activities.  Safety needs consider work safety, job security. The physiological needs consider basic salary and good working environment.  So, it is important to consider the needs so that the employees can feel motivated and happy to conduct the activities of the organization. It is essential that the companies should give extra benefits so that satisfaction level of the employees can be enhanced (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015).

Rewards should be given to the employees by analyzing their performance and also their behavior. It is important to give rewards by analyzing the way of working and also the behavior of an individual with the other employees.  Rewards that are given by the companies help to enhance the satisfaction level of the employees and also assist in making the right decision. Right decision to conduct the activities of the organization is essential as it helps to sustain in the competitive environment. Managers of the organization should give rewards to the employees according to their capability and the outcome of the overall activities they performed (Zeb et al., 2014).

“SMART GOAL” theory is also the theory that helps the managers of the organization to set goals by analyzing the capability and working capability of the individuals. If the goals of the organization are good enough then innovative ideas can also be attained. If goal setting theory is considered then it is evaluated that dissatisfaction can be reduced of the employees who are conducting their routine activities (Yusoff et al., 2013).

X and Y theory also helps to evaluate the satisfaction of the employees. X reflects monetary advantages and Y reflects independence of the employees.  The workers of Theory X are considered as lazy and theory Y is considered as the best employees that help the organization to enhance the goodwill in the organization.  The companies consider theory X and Y so that the positive outcome can be attained and also confidence level of the employees can be enhanced.

It is essential for the top management to focus on the objectives of the organization so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. The job of the employees is to conduct the activities with full dedication and responsibility so that goals and objectives of the organization can be attained. The employees should be assigned those tasks that can be completed with efficiency. If the tasks are assigned that are not according to the employees, then it can be difficult to complete it with efficiency and dedication. The working environment of the organization should be positive and employees should be active to grab the opportunity that prevails in the organization. The activities of the organization should be easy so that positive results can be attained (Mathieu et al., 2016).

By focusing on the paper, it is concluded that organizational behavior theories give assistance to the companies so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. It is essential that the company should maintain proper relation with the employees so that they can give feedback without hesitating.  It is essential that the company should have positive relations with the workers of the organization.  Policies and procedure of the organization help the employees to conduct the activities of the organization in a proper manner. It is evaluated that workplace environment helps to motivate the employee’s efficiency.

Managers should focus on the enhancing the capability of the employees so that they can conduct the activities accordingly. If the workers of the organization are capable to operate the activities in an efficient manner then it will help to attain growth. Growth is important for every organization and for achieving large market share the employees of the organization has to work efficiently. It is important for the workers to create target so that the goals can be attained in a proper way. It is seen that if the employees are dedicated and give their best towards the tasks that are assigned then the company can grow for a long time.


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