Assignment Answers: Manage Organisational Systems: BSBCUS501

Assignment Answers: Manage Organisational Systems: BSBCUS501


a. Discuss a recommendation you made to management to improve on meeting customers’ needs. What methods did you use to assess customer needs?

The learner is working as a marketing consultant for Marriott International Hotel in Hong Kong. My role includes doing the market research in regards to the current trend in the market and the service standard of the Marriott International Hong Kong. Marriott International is internationally known as a hotel chain that provides an utmost customer service standard. However, I did find some negative reviews from few of the customers on the menu offered to them. I had then recommended the management team to conduct a thorough research on the fact to identify whether it is genuine.

There are several methods to assess the customer needs; however, the learner has used the different social media platforms to identify the customer responses. The learner is a marketing consultant for Marriott International Hong Kong had thought this as the most productive and accessible way to closely monitor the customer responses (Brandon-Jones et al. 2016).

b. Outline your organization’s Customer Service standard. How do you monitor how effectively the Standard is applied in the workplace? 

Marriott International is one of the very few hotel chains in the entire world which is widely known for its customer service standard. Customer service standard can be understood from its strategies which are entirely focused on raising the level of customer service. The company believes in “Think Global, Act Local” which means that it wishes to operate at the global level and that too with an utmost customer service standard. To fulfill the purpose, the company desirably plans the operation strategically. Selecting the strategic locations, using also the sustainable resources and deploying the educated & skilled employees are the few strategies that the learner’s company adapt to enhance its customer service standard ( 2018).

Monitoring can be done in ample of ways such as by monitoring the phone calls, asking customers for feedback and monitoring the customer’s comments on the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. However, the learner has chosen to monitor the customer’s feedback on the various online resources as mentioned earlier (Manhas and Tukamushaba 2015).

c. How does your organization promote and encourage good customer service?

Different organizations have distinguished ways of approaching the customer service standard (Dhar 2015). Unlike the other companies, Marriott International has a very unconventional take on the customer service standard. They believe that every single customer is important to them which are why they put emphasis on satisfying every single customer. They also believe in anticipate the customer needs with the help of different resources and then deliver them accordingly to enhance the customer service level. Employees in the company are instructed to entertain the communication at a time when it is not suitable as per the business rules. They empower their employees to make decisions, so that, they feel the ownership and do the needful in regards to customer service prior to instructions from the management team on the same ( 2018). 


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