Assignment 1: Critical Thinking Essay

Assignment 1: Critical Thinking Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your theoretical understanding of the psychological skills that lead to success in athletics. Read Critical Thinking Question in your textbook and answer the question in a 1-2 page essay that meets these additional requirements:

*QUESTION: Outline and propose your own psychological skills training program. At each step, explain your reasons and rationale.

  • Clearly define each step and provide logical reasoning for the appropriateness of this skill with support from personal experience and relevant scholarly sources.
  • Include why you chose each step in your rationale. Provide either personal experience and/or scholarly resources to defend your choice.
  • Explain briefly the rationale for your overall plan, such as why you would develop the plan in the way you choose to do so.
  • Briefly relate this plan to an experience in your past were it would have been applicable. If you do not have a relevant experience, briefly theorize of a real life situation were this plan would be applicable.

Write the analysis in 1–2 pages and present it in Microsoft Word document format

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