Assessment Solution of Mainly Information Security: HI6008

Assessment Solution of Mainly Information Security: HI6008

In the current study, the researcher intends to analytically review the influence of the internet as well as other online services on the function of firms and comprehend the alterations in their functions to evaluate their susceptibility towards threats of cyber crime. In addition to this, the researcher also needs to assess diverse cyber threat, along with online risks encountered by corporations in current years (Monostori 2014). Different theories along with professional advice explained in the section on review of literature can help in understanding the aims of the study.  

Review of Literature

Critical Issues Associated to Cyber Security

Cyber security mainly upon care that diverse individuals can get and conclusions that they arrive at whilst they arrange, handle and use systems along with Internet. Efforts are put to discover solutions for particularly cyber security analysis challenge and diverse structures are also constructed. Nevertheless, the structure faces diverse intricacies even though it was initially working at the time of development (Wan et al. 2014). The limitations draw from different aspects, namely, emerging technologies along with facility restrictions.

As rightly indicated by Ruchkin et al. (2016), progression of the internet in the past decade has augmented overall utilization of the internet based services in various corporations. Several corporations utilize infrastructure founded on internet to deliver the services as this makes it seamless for organizations to reach out to global audience. In place of large firms, internet use has essentially become substantially accepted among individuals, business entrepreneurs along with small corporations. As suggested by Taylor et al. (2014), individuals make use of internet for the purpose of connecting as well as sharing with friends and families. This also delivers business opportunities to various business entrepreneurs together with small corporations to expand the business operations. In addition to this, both business concerns along with people upload various sensitive along with personal data on particularly the internet that makes them the potential target for cyber attacks. Majority of cyber crimes are undertaken by individuals who have admittance to the internet as well as computer as inadequacy of security dimensions can make it seamless for them to target various innocent individuals. According to Elmaghraby and Losavio (2014), there are different hackers that undertake various cybercrime for the purpose of collecting personal data of individuals along with corporations in order to acquire an unfair advantage. In addition to this, popularity of the internet has made it seamless for them. Particularly, there are various causes owing to which cyber attacks has augmented in the last decade.

Harel et al. (2017) illustrated that social media sites can be regarded as one of the primary reasons for individuals’ susceptibility to cybercrime. Reports suggest that there are over and above 2.9 million active users on multiple social media platforms. However, together with popularity of the social media stages, the cybercrimes risk has developed thoroughly. Hackers also target the social media takes into account and corporations to acquire sensitive data. Majority of the corporations namely the PlayStation, Yahoo as well as HBO had also encountered cybercrimes that led to loss of important data.

Robinson et al. (2015) suggests that mobile banking can be considered to be another important ground that contributes to enhancement of the total number of cyber crimes on particular individuals as well as firms. This is mainly because this presents the chance to acquire unfair benefit. During the year 2017, approximately 44% of the entire globe’s population utilizes smart phone and this enhances the overall internet based services. Utilization of online banking services namely PayPal, online shopping and use of mobile wallet has enhanced cyber security threats. Mishna et al. (2015) mentioned that in case of online banking, individuals have the need to share financial data on basically the online stages of banks.

Several instances of the challenges encountered by corporations as regards online security include DDoS also known as Distributed Denial of Service attack. This happens mainly over a server and enhances the traffic of these kinds of server. Instances contain BBC, DYN, election campaign conducted by Donald Trump and five different Russian banks. In addition to this, Internet of Things (IOT) is also observed to develop at a fast space, let us say, smart home appliances have become popular among developed markets (Broy and Schmidt 2014). IoTs devices linked through single network led to risk of security.

Research Questions/Hypothesis

Primary Questions

What are fundamentally the critical issues faced in the cyber security?

What are the factors affecting the cyber security?

Secondary Questions

What are the challenges that are encountered majority of the time in the organizations?

What are the proper security measures against the cyber security threats?

Research Design and Methodology

The current research makes use of survey mechanism for the purpose of identification of diverse cyber security concerns along with experiment method for development of the framework. The current research study is associated to the cyber security management with reference to firm operating in Australia. In the current study, both primary as well as secondary data is acquired to discover the significance of network security and detection of intrusion system. In this case, primary data is gathered by means of survey method whilst secondary data is acquired from various published together with non-published data (Bogdan 2015).

Primary Data:

This current study can be acquired by means of survey method. Essentially, this data is basically unique in nature. Fundamentally, this data will be acquired by way of distributing the formulated questionnaire and getting the same filled by the respective respondents for the current purpose. In this case, the learner aims to use online questionnaire for the present purpose (Sha and Zeadally 2015).

Sample Design:

Sample design can be regarded as particular plans that can be designed by acquired samples from a selected population (Johnson 2015). In a bid to serve this specific purpose of the subject of the research, the learner intends to select a total of 30 sample units. In this case, the learner intends to utilize the sampling technique of purposive sampling along with convenience sampling.  For the purpose of the present study, the population that the learner intends to select include various firms operating in different sectors in Australia. Therefore, in this case, the learner presents the sampling frame that consists of 30 industrial units in Australia. Essentially, the parameter of interest for the current study is ascertaining the challenges of cyber security in selected industrial units in Australia.

Selection of Respondent:

The learner intends to select respondents of the current study that are operating in the industrial units in Australia and having over and above 2 years of work experience. In addition to this, the learner also intends to select the ones working in the IT or the IT security division of the firms (Mangharam et al. 2016). The researcher intends to send the questionnaire via mail to the selected respondents with request for reply.


Questionnaire is primarily meant for the purpose of acquiring specific information regarding cyber challenges encountered by firm, different aspects of the cyber threats, primary factors contributing to the threats of cyber security (Massey 2017). In addition to this, the current study also intends to contain questions that can specifically help in gathering knowledge regarding different dimensions of cyber challenges, various instances of the cyber security threats in firms and the suggestions from the standpoint from their standpoint to combat this issue.

Secondary Data

The learner also intends to make use of secondary data that can be utilized for the purpose of studying the cyber security. This secondary data can be utilized to discover specific features, themes of the cyber crime, threats, and dimensions of measuring security measures to protect the security. Essentially, this secondary data can be obtained from various reputed academic journals, prior research articles, official websites as well as product documentation (Massey 2017).

The current study has the intention to utilize both qualitative as well as quantitative research strategy in this regard.

Qualitative Research- The learner has the intention to utilize focus on in-depth interviews as well as carry out assessment of documents for different categories of themes. Essentially, the researcher has the intent to carry out a subjective study in this regards and describe the problem otherwise the conditions from the viewpoint of the ones experiencing the same. In this case, no statistical tests necessarily will be used in this regard. The methods of analysis that can be used in this study include the discourse analysis, case study analysis, observation and thematic analysis (Taylor et al.  2014). In this case, the discourse analysis takes in process of material coding, assessment of structure together with various assertions together with recognition of diverse dimensions of cyber security.

Quantitative Research- The learner also intends to present surveys as well as assess the available records for specifically numerical information. In this case, the learner has the intent to use deductive procedure and can be said to be justified as this can help in testing various pre-specified themes, constructs as well as hypotheses that can help in making up the theory (Sha and Zeadally 2015). In this case, statistical tests necessarily will be used in this regard namely descriptive as well as interpretive statistics.

Research Limitations

The current research primarily refers to cyber security, challenges associated to cyber security along with mechanisms that can avert the attack. However, the study does not focus on proper methods of company’s security management (Sha and Zeadally 2015). Again, administrators of the corporation can undertake actions for different security management in 30 industrial units in Australia. Therefore, it might become difficult to generalise the conclusions drawn from the study.


The current study helps in comprehending different studies from the standpoint of security and cybercrime.  The current research proposal helps in understanding the research objective of conducting an analysis of literature on diverse issues associated to cybersecurity encountered by contemporary companies. The above study presents in detail general suggestions regarding the way to secure the system the way any kind of authenticated protocol can be used to defend the system intrinsically.


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