7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics In Computer Science

7COM1084 Advanced Research Topics In Computer Science


As part of this assignment, you are required to produce an overview of your chosen research specialism and discuss a specific open research question within this specialism. You will be expected to draw on the principles of research writing, literature review and research communication as introduced in the lectures.  Report must not exceed 1400 words (+ / – 10%).

My Research Specialization is Data Science and Analytics. You must form a research question related to data science topic.

Format of the Report:

  1. Introduction of research specialism (approx. 150 words) Provide a brief description of your chosen research specialism. This should be accessible to someone with a broad knowledge of computer science, but without any specific knowledge of this specialism.
  2. Open research question (approx. 300 words) Identify the research question discussed in the relevant subject specialist paper for this specialism. Describe this research question or problem in detail. Ensure that you describe why this question this is scientifically interesting and / or applicable to a real-world problem.
  3. Existing and related work (approx. 400 words) Provide a brief literature review of existing other work– i.e., not this paper – that has been done on this problem and on similar problems. Why does this existing other work not fully answer or solve these problems? What are some related open problems? You must refer to existing work beyond that presented in the paper discussed by the subject specialist.
  4. Research approach (approx. 400 words) Describe the research methods which have been used in this paper to investigate this question. Evaluate the effectiveness of this research, considering both its advantages and disadvantages. Describe an approach you might take to build on this research to answer related open questions. Remember to draw on the principles of experimental design and theoretical / practical research as introduced in the lectures.
  5. Personal investment (approx. 150 words) Identify why you are interested in this specific research question, and why your personal strengths and experiences would fit you to carry out the research you have described.
  6. References You will need to include at least 10 references (the lecture material may count as one of these). You should use Harvard-style referencing, and your references do not count towards your word count.
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